Make your very own Hart Chart Decoding Worksheets!

Hart Chart Decoding is a vision therapy technique that can improve both oculomotor skills and
accommodative facility. allows you to easily create personalized decoding
messages for your patients to make the activity fun and enjoyable. Or, if you prefer, download some
of our pre-made decoding packets.

Type your decoding message:


Instructions for Hart Chart Decoding

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    Step 1

    Give the patient a blank decoding worksheet
    and hang a Hart Chart on the wall.

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    Step 2

    The patient looks at the coordinates beneath the first blank. In the example above, this would be (4-9). The first number corresponds to the row the letter can be found, while the second number indicates the column. In this example, the letter in the 4th row, 9th column is “V”.

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    Step 3

    The patient writes the letter on the blank
    above the coordinates.

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    Step 4

    The activity continues until the entire
    worksheet is finished. The completed version
    will spell a saying if performed correctly.

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    Note: as the letters I, J, and Q are not in the
    Hart Chart, these letters are automatically
    populated in the decoding worksheet.

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